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After almost 17 years and 48 issues, it is time to draw the curtains on Carillon’s career. Issue 49 will appear in December 2017 and our final issue in April 2018. Over the years we have published hundreds of poems and stories from around the world from an uncounted number of writers. It has been an enjoyable though sometimes frustrating task.

And if you like gentle humour why not try my own book?

Issue 49 in preparation

This and issue 50 will be available at a discounted price.

We have a few back copies available at £2.00 (UK)

Lingering with Diamonds

Two sets of humorous short stories by Carillon’s Editor now available as a Kindle book (Price £1.99)

A 68-page paperback book is also available from Amazon bookstore (Price £2.99/$4.50/€4.00 plus postage)