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Have some fun with these.

who knows, one might lead to  serious piece of work.


Write a poem in which all lines begin with the word ‘But’

End it with 2 - 4 lines that don’t begin with ‘but’and which draw a conclusion


1:  Write a flash fiction in which all sentences start, in order, with the next letter of the alphabet - you can ignore X & Z. If you get to the end of the alphabet, return to A.  Start anywhere you like in the alphabet.

2: Write a poem following the above instructions.


Start a story with one of these:

1. She had waited twenty years…

2. He’d never noticed a door there before…

3. One tiny slip and….

4. The silence dragged on and on…

5. It was impossible, but…

6. A sudden storm gave him/her the chance..  


Write a poem or story using one of these as your title and theme

1. The colour of hunger…

2. The colour of deception…

3. The colour of desire…

4. The colour of ambition…

5.  The colour of pride

6.  The colour of hunger


A poem consisting entirely of single lines taken from other poems.

You will need to acknowledge all sources.

Writing Exercises